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You see it every time you go to the supermarket, tidily wrapped in individual bars or servings, and probably eat it at least once per week. It is none besides chocolate, and it has a lengthy history–tracing back to about 1900 BC! It was the Mesoamerica culture that initially started using the beans as a food source. These beans were so significant that they played important roles in religious rituals. Later, cacao beans found their way to San Antonio Wildlife Removal after the first explorers set foot in Central America. There, Europeans mixed the processed beans with cream and sugar to produce the sweet, dessert-like taste of the chocolate we know today.

Long valued as a centerpiece for sweets and desserts, chocolate still has a place in rituals. However, these days the rituals surround meals and vacations rather than religious ones. Frequently used as a meal-ender, the sweet flavor chocolately desserts serve the use of nicely capping off every type of meal, from multi-course fine dining meals to simple sandwiches in school lunches. The fact that chocolate is typically reserved for desserts makes it that much more desirable around special events, like holidays (in instance, Halloween trick-or-treating).

White chocolate, which is a derivative of chocolate, can be common. It has a sweeter flavor than milk chocolate. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, and other candy types (for example, jellies or jams) are often covered with chocolate. The chocolate not only acts as a preservative for all these items, but also makes for a wonderfully mixed taste.

Since so many distinct types of chocolates and chocolate-coated candies (also called truffles) are available, it is easy to gift chocolate in the form of chocolate candy boxes. These boxes include individually compartmentalized truffles and chocolate squares or nuggets. Due to the very long shelf life of chocolate, these boxes take quite some time to go rancid, and can easily be sent via the mail. Needless to say, one can also buy a box of them for themselves to enjoy, too.

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